About Amazon Investor Relations   2021 Virtual Annual Meeting of Shareholders

2021 Virtual Annual Meeting of Shareholders

May 26, 2021
9:00 a.m., Pacific Time

Only Amazon shareholders as of the record date set forth in our proxy materials are entitled to participate in the 2021 virtual Annual Meeting. To be admitted to the meeting, please follow the instructions under “Participating in the Annual Meeting” on pages 3-4 of the Proxy Statement (available at the link provided below). Online check-in will be available approximately 15 minutes before the meeting starts. If you have difficulty accessing the meeting, please call 844-986-0822 (toll free) or 303-562-9302 (international). We will have technicians available to assist you. Additional information regarding the rules and procedures for participating in the meeting will be set forth in our meeting rules of conduct, which shareholders can view during the meeting at the meeting website or during the ten days prior to the meeting at www.proxyvote.com.

Proxy materials and additional details:

To receive a paper copy of our proxy materials:

Please follow the instructions included in your Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials.

To sign up for email notice of our proxy materials:

If your shares are held by a bank or brokerage firm in an account in your name, you are a beneficial shareholder. Most beneficial shareholders can sign up for email notice of our proxy materials. Visit: http://www.icsdelivery.com/amzn.

Note: Registered shareholders (i.e., your shares are represented by physical stock certificates or book entries in your name on the records of our stock transfer agent, Computershare) are not eligible for email notice of our proxy materials.

To vote electronically in advance of the meeting:

Voting via the Internet, mobile device, or by telephone helps save money by reducing postage and proxy tabulation costs. We encourage you to cast your vote by one of these methods, each of which is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. For more information, please refer to our Proxy Statement (available at the link provided above) under the heading "Proxy Voting" on page 2, along with the materials sent to you.